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International conference - ECRC partner ZPS is organising a stakeholder conference on financial services in Slovenia on 20 May 2010. Sign up.

Finforum 2010

ZPS Financial Forum: "Consumers in the Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned and Ways Forward"

Thursday, 20th of May 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Draft Programme

Wednesday, 19 May

  • 18.30 Welcome drinks reception

Thursday, 20 May

  • 08.00 Registration opens. Tea and coffee
  • 09.00 to 10.00 Welcome and introductory session
  • 10.00 to 11.10 Plenary I: Financial Crisis – two years on.
    This session will set the scene and give a general overview on causes and consequences of the financial crisis for consumers, the measures adopted, and their impact so far. Some of the issues to be addressed include:  the cost to consumers of bank failures; the nature, role and power of banks; regulatory and structural changes adopted or still necessary to safeguard the public interest; and what are the transatlantic implications of the crisis.
  • 11.10 to 11.30 Coffee break
  • 11.30 to 13.00 Financial Services for Consumers (parallel thematic workshops)

1. Safe financial products

Mis-selling is the scourge of the financial industry and a major reason for the crisis – from mortgages to pensions to various forms of insurance. This session/workshop will consider: what constitutes a safe product that meets consumer’s needs? How to make these products understandable and user-friendly for consumers? Should unsafe and unsuitable products be banned and how? What kind of policy interventions is most effective for product regulation? How to avoid regulation ‘shopping’ through international co-operation

2.    Financial Advice and Sales

A look at the role of firms/institutions and intermediaries in selling products and how they are regulated; the role of incentive payments: should independent advice be based on consumer fees or commissions? What role do regulators and governments have in providing impartial advice? Should there be impartial advice services, including those provided by NGOs/Consumer groups? And do we need improved financial literacy or simpler products?

3.    Financial Regulation and Role of Regulatory authorities

How much protection consumers need when buying financial products and services? How to strike the right balance to ensure proper safeguards while avoiding too much restriction on the availability of products and services? What reforms are needed at both international and domestic levels to achieve this, and long term financial stability? And what are the duties of regulators in protecting consumers? Is there need for a supra-national regulatory co-ordinator/authority?

  • 13.00 to 14.30 Lunch
  • 14.30 to 16.00 Plenary II: Making Financial Services Work; results from the parallel workshops and discussion
  • 16.15 to 17.30 Plenary III: Providing essential services for consumers, including the vulnerable; alternative business models
  • 17.30 to 18.00 Concluding remarks and concrete proposals for the future
  • 18.00 Networking drinks


On the conference microsite, a special section has been created for relevant documents from the stakeholders. In order to provide a good overview of the findings and opinions on the topics to be discussed at the financial forum, speakers have been asked to send the links to such documents.

We are inviting ECRC partners supporting this event organised by our Slovenian partner ZPS to publish the logo of the forum and a link to the forum microsite on their webpages. This will assure wider dissemination among the members of your organization. The conference logo can be found here:

Please note that the language of the event is English and that no interpretation will be provided.

For more information in relation to the event, please visit the conference website at:

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